Upcoming Event

Academic Seminar with Professor Philippa Sheppard

November 21st 2018, Jackman Humanities Building Room 100

They say that a glass of wine complements the digestion of a well-written poem, but how does a fully seasoned meal fit into a Shakespearean work? Professor Philippa Sheppard will tackle such mouth-watering questions in her academic seminar on Wednesday, November 21st. Come and join the English Students’ Union as we walk through the role of food across some of Shakespeare’s plays with Professor Sheppard! All students are welcome to this event, which will take place from 3-4 pm in Rm. 100 at the Jackman Humanities Building. Free pizza and snacks will be included!


Undergraduate Conference
The ESU is excited to announce that they are mounting The UofT Undergraduate English Conference for its second year! This year’s theme is Shakespeare and the Event. An “event” can be a happening that destabilizes everyday experience, a change in one’s perceived reality, the rise of a new art form, an overwhelming emotional experience like falling in love, or a radical shift in politics. We are interested in asking how events occur in Shakespeare? How does a Shakespearean event illuminate the nature of an event today, or in the past? What is “Shakespearean” about contemporary events? We want to hear what undergraduates have to say about events both in and out of Shakespeare.

We are inviting all interested UofT undergraduate students to submit proposed research abstracts. Abstracts should be submitted to UofT.EnglishConference@gmail.com by December 5. Your abstract should be 150-250 words and detail your intended research. If your abstract is selected, you will be asked to prepare an 8-10 minute presentation of your research that will be shared at the UofT Undergraduate English Conference on February 2, 2019. We are looking forward to reading your abstracts and can’t wait to learn with you in the new year!