Useful Links

This page features a (non-exhaustive and in progress) list of resources that may help students with finding opportunities related to their field of study around campus and Toronto. It is also a great resource for those interested in finding out more about the English program at U of T and other opportunities within the academic community! (Suggestion for additions are always welcome!)

English at U of T:

[Official] Department of English website:

[Official] English in the Arts & Science 2021–22 Calendar:

Publication/Writing (Newspapers):

U of T’s official campus newspaper, The Varsity

Victoria College’s newspaper, The Strand:

St. Michael’s College’s newspaper, The Mike

Trinity College’s newspaper, Trinity Times

Publication/Writing (Literary & Academic Journals):

Victoria College’s literary journal, Acta Victoriana

Trinity College’s literary journal, The Trinity Review

University College’s literary journal, UC Review

The Spectatorial:

The Hart House Review:

MNERVA Literary Journal:

ESU undergraduate academic journal, Idiom

Getting involved on campus:

Hart House Literary and Library Committee:

Screenwriting At Victoria College:

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